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The City of Help was created from the heart of God for His children that are crying out for help.  They feel that they are stuck in seemingly hopeless situations, but God has heard their cries.  

John 6:37 All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.

This photo is of a precious child of God that I met Tuesday. Her name is Jodi.  I stopped by to talk to her about The City of Help and to find out if she would be interested in being a part, working to help others to get the help she needs.  Jodi was so excited saying that she hopes it opens soon, there are so many people that need it.  She then explained how she helps her fellow homeless in any way she can.  The other day she helped stop the bleeding of a young man that had been stabbed just by using the flannel shirt she had on to put pressure on the wound until the ambulance came.  A young lady was overdosing on heroin, she asked Jodi to stay with her till she came to again.  She held her in her arms till she did. Also, often the money or food Jodi is given she passes along to the others.   In her words, "I pay it forward".  

People really need help.  They want to work, but because of the decisions they made, the choices, the people they allowed in their lives, have left them in the situation of not being able to get a job.  Then what do you do?

The City of Help will give the opportunity to work to those who truly want to have their lives transformed by the amazing power of God.  Love.

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